Learn to Code for Free

Our bootcamps are a great way to learn and get hired. But what if you’re not ready to commit to a paid program? Free Community Meetup Days are gatherings held every other Saturday here at Sharptop; this Saturday we’re excited to continue our learning as we focus on CSS.

We’re building a real community around software development with our Community Meetup Days. Two weeks ago, over 25 learners came together to collaborate and learn from each other. We heard from Caner Uguz as he described the usefulness of jQuery and JavaScript, then spent over an hour working together and learning more about development.

So if you’ve thought about attending our coding bootcamp, or just want to learn about the process of building apps and making websites, Community Meetup Days are the perfect forum for you. We welcome beginners and professionals alike.

So don’t miss out! Hope to see you here this Saturday.