Our Vision

A world in which tentmakers positively impact every person on the planet

Our Mission 

To cultivate courageously godly men through tentmaking internships

Our Values

We commit to striving to treat others in accordance with the following values (and to sincerely apologizing when we sometimes fail).

  • Worship.  The work that we do should first and foremost glorify God, who created us and gave us our abilities and resources.

  • Joy.  We strive for all of our activities to create as much joy as possible for everyone involved. 

  • Value.  We believe that every human being is created in God's image and has great, inherent value.  We aim to help others unleash their God-given value and to always create more value than we consume.

  • Discipleship.  Growing as individuals and as a team is the lever by which we multiply our efforts to create joy, value, and love.

  • Love.  Most importantly, Jesus loves us all: our students, employees, partners, and community.  Jesus also loves the hurting, the exploited, the orphan, the widow, the lonely, and the lost.  Profit for our company is the extent to which we are able to express Jesus' love to others.

What do we mean by ‘holistic?’

Holistic men have a sound foundation is the following five life domains. Our goal is to help our interns grow in all these areas.

  • Professional

  • Financial

  • Physical

  • Relational

  • Missional



Our Team

Tony Erskine 


Tony has been hacking out code since he was in third grade writing BASIC and Logo on his dad’s Commodore 64. He graduated from the College of William and Mary with a BS in Computer Science in 2000. Afterwards, he began his career in software development and consulting. He also taught computer science to high school students and served a tour as a paratrooper in the armed forces where he earned the Purple Heart and Army Commendation medals.

As an engineer and consultant, Tony has led numerous software projects and has provided direction and consultation for the adoption of agile development methodologies, continuous integration, TDD, BDD, DevOps automation, RESTful web services, and the Atlassian development tools.

In business, Tony's goal is to forge cooperative relationships and customer engagements where every party gains more value than they give up.

Ryan Heathcote  Software Developer

Ryan Heathcote

Software ENGineer

Ryan grew up in South Africa and has been programming for about as long as he has had a computer. He got his start by teaching himself how to code from textbooks and help files. After taking classes in High School, he decided to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Liberty University, which he received in 2013.

His specialization is being able to learn new things quickly. This skill has enabled him to build or work on projects spanning a number of platforms and programming languages. It has also helped him successfully investigate undocumented systems, security breaches, and complex bugs.

In addition to being passionate about learning new things, he is also passionate about passing on what he is learning to anyone who wants to learn. He enjoys working with our apprentices and giving guest lectures for his former professors. 

He loves to make code clear and easy to maintain by using object-oriented design and functional programming techniques. He also has an interest in information security that probably comes from growing up in a country with a very high crime rate.

When he isn't developing software, he enjoys ginger beer, running, shooting handguns, urban exploration, driving down curvy country roads, and (as a testament to his ability to learn new things) knitting.