It's more than an internship. Our goal is TO help you dive into god's plan for your life!



Kim-Mai Ryan
"I don’t think that I could have been in a better learning environment, and I know that I have gained skills here that I couldn’t have at college. It isn’t easy and you will quickly find out if you want to become a software developer."

Ryan Pelletier
"When I first started out I was shocked to see how willing one of the senior developers would willingly take even an hour of their time to explain something to me. It was extremely satisfying to know that code I had written was being used in the real world!"

Kyle Forsberg
"Collaborating on a project and learning from other programmers was a great experience that I had while working here. It is more then I would get in a classroom setting."



About the internship PROGRAM



What is the internship program?

From the start, internship has been a core part of Sharptop. Interns work on real-world projects, alongside experienced professionals, and quickly gain the experience to have a successful career.

How do I become an Intern?

First, you need to have some relevant educational experience.  College students/grads, bootcamp grads, and independent learners are all welcome.  If you don't have any experience, but you really believe in our mission, let us know.  Where there's a will there's a way.

What will I be paid as an Intern?

Probably not at first, but the best interns will receive job offers as positions become available.

What will I be doing during my Internship?

As an intern you will complete actual projects for Sharptop clients.  You will continue to build on the skills you learned during your education.  In addition, you will also be learning the many supporting technologies and soft skills that are difficult to teach in a classroom but are necessary to be successful as a professional.

What are we looking for in an intern?

You should be able to work well in a team environment as well as independently, have good problem solving skills and have a passion for learning.  You should be humble, dependable, and a hard worker; and above all, you should live the Sharptop values.



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