3 Reasons Coding Bootcamps and Nanodegrees Matter


Coding bootcamps and nanodegrees have forever altered the employer/jobseeker relationship.  You may have noticed the nationwide trend of upstart educational organizations offering these programs. So why do nanodegrees and coding bootcamps matter?

1. The Job Market Says So.

The White House TechHire Initiative reveals that of the current 5 million vacant US jobs, the tech sector is the “largest occupational category for open jobs right now.”  However, many companies cannot identify prospects with enough combined practical experience and educational competency.

The nanodegree/ coding bootcamp model shrinks the gap between the employer and job candidate, offering practical experience to learners in an accelerated format. As opposed to the traditional educational model, bootcamps and nanodegrees offer training that is immediately useful in real-world employment environments.

2. They Prepare Employees Quickly.

These programs simplify the hiring process while also expanding students’ portfolios and technical skills. Nanodegrees provide a ready workforce to companies in search of talent. These field-tested, immediately beneficial employees are incredibly valuable in an industry where recruitment fees run from $20K-$30K and training time averages 6-12 months.

Sharptop.io’s coding bootcamps deliver the necessary instruction to prepare participants for a career change while also enhancing current their skill sets.  

3. They Strengthen Companies.

Businesses regularly encourage employees to complete continuing education classes and developmental training in order to increase competency and versatility within the workplace.  Bootcamps and nanodegrees offer accessible, accelerated training for these employees.

Companies also benefit from hiring candidates who are thoroughly trained on real-world projects. Sharptop.io realizes this and offers an incredible value to companies who utilize our apprentice-training program. We customize learning tracks specifically for businesses, ensuring that no one's time is wasted. 

Where Can I Get Involved?

Looking to take advantage of these new educational tools? Sponsor the training of an current employee, or utilize our program to hire a new one.

Coding bootcamps and nanodegrees are the future of education, and the future is here. We at Sharptop Company are prepared to train the most job-ready tech employees in the region. Visit our site for more information.