Software is Eating the World

You’re reading this post from a device: perhaps it’s a smartphone, maybe it’s a laptop or an iPad. And when you leave that device or put it in your pocket, this post will be waiting for you, until you decide to use any number of other devices to pick up where you left off. The world is now powered by the cloud, and on-demand access to people, documents, and media isn’t just a perk any more, it’s practically a necessity. Why?

Because software is eating the world.

It’s hard to think of a major industry that doesn’t rely on software: banks, retail stores, manufacturers, schools, shipping companies, and on and on. The New York Stock Exchange, the center of the world economy, recently came to a complete stop for 4 hours because of “a technical issue”.

For some, this revolution in how the world works is frightening. Those who are uneducated about technology and unaware of how software works might feel helpless to control even their own devices. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople with dreams to change the world may find themselves unequipped in this new software-centric world.

We at Sharptop Company are proud to be a part of the positive change that software can create in our communities. Our founders have been deep in the world of software for over 15 years, and part of our mission is to help others learn about this world and enter it for themselves.

A huge step for us in this effort has been our involvement with TechHire, a White House initiative that seeks to empower local communities to fill technology jobs in their region. We recently became the only site in Virginia (and in the coastal Southeast) to be an approved TechHire training facility.

If you’re looking to become a developer, or perhaps you want to expand your skill set in your current role, we invite you to give our programs a look. Our coding bootcamp will train you about the basics of web development, and our mentorship program will immerse you in the world of software development. Our mission is to educate you and help you achieve your technology goals.

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