Introducing Community Meetup Days

Our bootcamps and mentorships are a great way to learn and get hired. But what if you’re not ready to commit to a paid program?

Introducing Community Meetup Days hosted by

Community Meetup Days offer a free resource to learners of all experience levels.  This is the time and place for complete beginners or seasoned developers to meet up and collaborate.  We’re creating a judgment-free zone where each person is treated with respect and everyone is committed to learning. Visit the meetup page to sign up and make plans to attend beginning November 21st.

4 Things You Need To Know:

1. It's Completely Free

There’s no risk involved; we want there to be no barrier to entry for anyone interested in leveling up their coding skills.

2. It's For Learners of All Levels

While some meetups are geared towards experienced developers only, ours will be tuned to the needs of learners who are just beginning or have little experience building real-world sites or apps. However, experienced developers are welcome to join and collaborate with one another!

3. It will be Expert-Facilitated

Our instructor has over 15 years of HTML/CSS/Javascript experience under his belt, and has professional teaching experience. And he won’t be the only expert present!

4. it will be Hands-On

Community Meetup Days won’t have you sitting passively listening to an instructor. Rather, you’ll spend over half the time working on projects of your own in a collaborative atmosphere. Any instruction will be geared towards practicality and professionalism.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!