#AppInAWeek Approaches Completion Despite Thursday's Bugs

#AppInAWeek is slowly rolling to a close, and the team is working extremely hard to finish the Hill City Ventures sales application. With 400 hours of code under our belts, we're almost finished the app despite all of the development problems we faced yesterday. 

We started off Thursday with a bang, but things quickly took a turn for the worst. Anything that could potentially go wrong, most definitely did. First of all, we couldn't integrate with the back-end due to CORS accessibility. This was a huge hiccup. Once we fixed that, we ran into some serious chart issues. All of the charts were firing off at once, so we had to find a way to give them time to load first.

Next, the UI build process broke completely when we tried to put the angular app into Grails. We spent a few hours fixing that. On top of these development snags, the team was becoming more and more drained by fatigue. Working long days started to take its toll on the team. 

Most of the team went to bed early last night, giving them a second wind. Today, coding has been a lot more optimistic and there don't seem to be any major bugs threatening our deadline. The backend is essentially complete, and we're wrapping up the front-end leads dashboard, which is our client's main focus.

Once these components are wrapped up, we will work hard to complete as many of the extra features as we can, including the stats dashboard, which is nearly 50% finished. Because we're not working with real data, we have had to import fake values into the application to properly test views and integrations. 

Tomorrow all of our families are coming to visit the lake house before we leave. Until then, we'll be coding away until the app is ready to launch! 

It looks like we will successfully complete our #AppInAWeek project, but our fingers are still crossed!