Coding Bootcamp Starts This Fall

We’re really excited to begin working with the Lynchburg EDA on TechHire, a new White House initiative. This new program aims to increase the speed and agility with which America trains new software developers.

This fall, we will begin offering a coding nanodegree program called SharpTop.IO.  The curriculum and schedule is yet to be finalized, but a variety of class times including nights and weekends will be offered.  We will be focusing on full-stack development with JavaScript, Angular, Groovy, Grails, HTML, CSS, SQL, and a host of other supporting technologies.

Students will gain practical experience in this hands-on class.  After completing an introductory course in the basics of computer programming, they will learn by building production-quality software.  Top students will have the opportunity to work with SharpTop's clients and get paid while they learn.

Contact us today if you're interested in pursuing a nanodegree at SharpTop.

We know you must have a lot of unanswered questions.  Please leave a comment below with your questions or thoughts, and we'll answer back right away.